Our jewelry is made of premium alloys, metals (such as brass & steel), and often times is gold/ silver plated. Though plating may tarnish over time, if you treat your jewelry with love and care you will keep your jewelry looking great for many years!


/ Jewelry Care Instructions / 

Jewelry care is all about reducing exposure to water, sweat, and chemicals as much as possible. If you keep your jewelry out of these environments (wet, sweaty, chemical) they will be happy, grow old with you and still look great, so with this in mind:

  • Take off rings & bracelets when washing your hands, don't shower with your jewelry on, and when it comes to pool-parties; put your pieces away before making a splash!
  • Don't wear your jewelry to the gym, when running, or doing anything that will make you sweat a lot
  • Skin care is important, so is hair-care, but rings and necklaces don't appreciate these products as much as your body does! When using products that include even natural chemicals make sure you reduce contact with your jewelry by simply applying your beauty products before putting on your accessories for the day.
  • Apply common sense and keep your jewelry away from chemicals, sweat, and water in any other ways you can think of.

    / Storage Tips /

    • Putting your jewelry away for the season? Really poor air conditions can be a cause of tarnish. Consider storing your jewelry in a cool & dry place like a jewelry box or airtight container for long-term storage.

      / Cleaning Jewelry /

      • Clean your jewelry with water and use a soft clean cloth to wipe them dry quickly (just don't leave them lying there wet and cold all day!)